❀ Reflection on Reiki distance healing February ❀

❀ Reflection on Reiki distance healing February ❀

By countless light threads we were all joined for this session. Coming together and opening up to this February Reiki wave of Love & Light together with Full Moon intelligence. By joining heart-to-heart we remembered our natural state; we are LIGHT & LOVE become manifest. A conscious force of Nature. The creators of our lives. Reiki sheds light in the last dark corners of our soul; on fear, doubt, hesitance, reluctance, critics, and grudges. There is no more place for them as we shed our last reserves, wake up and look at ourselves and each-other with new Universal Eyes. A new dawn is arising.

And so it is.


~ Art: Josh Adamski

❀¸.•*¨*•❀ Namaste ❀¸.•*¨*•❀

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