About me

Born on August 17, 1966 on the rugged and mystic island of Papua New Guina. Lived in the Netherlands, USA, Switzerland and Curacao. Since 1992 sharing my life with my best friend Marc. Married in 1999.

Worked for over 25 years in the professional services industry, including for a well known global law firm. In 2006 we adopted three children from Brazil and moved to Curacao to (out of all of our comfort zones) create a level playing field to enable us to come together quickly and strongly as a brand new family. My desire for a professional job and the possibilities on Curacao were limited which gave me the opportunity to deep-dive into spirituality / consciousness / energy. A period of many spiritual realizations and integrations.

Back in Amsterdam after five years I tried to combine my earlier working career with being a mother. But with my thoughts and beliefs about how to be a perfect mum, a perfect employee and a perfect partner I built my own prison. I could hardly breathe anymore. There was no room for spirituality. Contact with my essence felt lost. It resulted in a burn-out in 2012.

Thanks to Reiki I regained access to my inner being and discovered a dimension of stillness and oneness. From this new dimension my favourite spiritual teacher came into focus: Bentinho Massaro. I used him as an activator to become whole. I remembered my mission and the personal calling that fuels me; People Lighting Up.

With the help of daily meditations, I upkeep the unconditional love connection with myself and this state of love and peace within is now firmly anchored and always accessible and provides the perfect background and inspiration for my life to effortlessly flow and express through me.

Using my intuition, knowledge and experience and with the highest respect for your path, I help you to rediscover who or what you truly are, why you came here and how to allow your life to effortlessly flow and express itself through you.


Keywords: ‎#BeYou #NoMoreExcuses #LiveYourDreams #NewEarthSkills‬ 

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Member of Reiki Ryoho
Member of Reiki Alliance


Relevant Education

Nederlof Instituut in Amsterdam: Reiki according to the original method as discovered and developed by Mikao Usui (Usui Shiki Ryoho). After concluding Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki Practitioner, I was trained and initiated to Reiki Master by Reiki Master Sunny Nederlof.

Akademie voor Massage en Beweging: Holistic Relaxation Massage.

Trinfinity Academy: online training for enlightenment and empowerment, based on the teachings of Bentinho Massaro.

BentinhoMassaro.tv; Pure and unparalleled instructions into Freedom.

Current Inspirators

Bentinho Massaro
Eckhart Tolle
Nassim Haramein