Reiki 1 class on 30 and 31 januari 2016

Reiki 1 class on 30 and 31 januari 2016

Reiki 1st degree

Shoden in Japanese is for everyone who would like to connect with this loving and healing energy.

Reiki 1 is a complete system of natural healing consisting of connecting with Reiki and transferral by hand. It gives you the possibility to consciously connect to this universal life force empowering a process of inner connectedness, personal & spiritual growth and healing.

Usui Shiki Ryoho is taught by Masters who are trained in the traditions of Reiki as passed on through the spiritual lineage, and whose personal and professional lives are committed to this healing art and the lifestyle it engenders.  This is a gift of a lifetime and students have the possibility of opening their lives to Reiki.  All who practice Reiki through Usui Shiki Ryoho are life-long students.

A First Degree class is taught in four, three-hour sessions by a Reiki Master and consists of:

  • Learn about Reiki. What it is. Its history and what it can do for you. Its spiritual lineage
  • Receiving four initiations.
  • Learning all hand positions to treat yourself and others so you will be able to give a Reiki healing. During class you will start practicing immediately and you will be treated yourself.
  • Explaining the Reiki guidelines. They serve as a mirror to support and reflect you on your path of personal and spiritual development.
  • Discover ways to use Reiki in your daily life.
  • Enough time for questions & reflections.
  • Formal certificate & beautiful copy of the Reiki guidelines to formally celebrate your accomplishment.

Cost: EUR 185 (tax incl.)

After completion of Reiki First Degree, you can continue – after a minimum of 90 days of treating yourself regularly – with Reiki Second Degree. You really need these 90 days. You will be amazed how different you / your views are after this period. A Second Degree class is given to students who feel the calling to go further into the practice.

More information and registration: Reiki 1 class event page on Facebook