reiki healing session

reiki healing session

The Reiki session will take place in my practice. A private, comfortable and relaxing place. You will lie on a massage table fully clothed. It is also possible for you to receive Reiki sitting in a chair if this is more comfortable for you. Wear comfortable, warm clothing and socks as Reiki can occasionally make you feel cold.

During the session all you need to do is close your eyes, there is no effort required on your part for Reiki to work.

Time: 60-90 min.

Cost: EUR 70

reiki chair session

Ideal for if you have less time available or if no massage table is available and/or you prefer to sit during a session.

Time: 20 – 30 minutes

Cost: EUR 45

reiki distance healing session (20 – 30 min.)

The wonderful healing properties of Reiki know no boundaries. Reiki energies can be sent to anyone or anything anywhere across the world. With Reiki distance healing you can receive the benefits of Reiki without stopping what you are doing or having to go anywhere. You can be driving or even asleep. Reiki is a bit like having a good friend who is always there for you to comfort you.

Reiki distance healing can be sent to you, to your friends or loved ones, to your pet, to a problem or challenge in your life and can help with past or future events, such as exams. Have Reiki sent to your home, your business, or your work.

As Reiki Master I can send the wonderful healing properties of Reiki to anyone or anything, anywhere in the world at any time.

Time: 20 – 30 min.

Cost: EUR 45

what will it do?

Reiki always works in the most beneficial way for you. Most people experience an tremendous relaxation and sometimes a big boost of energy, relief of physical problems, a renewed outlook on ‘old’ problems and better balance. Reiki always enhances your self healing abilities and transforms where you need it most: physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

how often?

Depending on your symptoms, best results are if you schedule 3-5 sessions in a relative short time (3-6 weeks).